C.A. Rowland – Author

A World Imagined

IT’S HERE!! The Meter’s Always Running is the first in The Haunted City Mysteries. Set in Savannah, Georgia, Trisha Reede is a taxi driver who solves mysteries.  Her newly dead Aunt Harriet is along for the ride. Click here to find the links to your favorite retailer.

COMING SOON.  A Fare to Remember, will be out in 2021. Trisha’s cat, Possum, will be back and my cat, Kayla, who is the inspiration for many of Possum’s antics, demanded her own page.  I’ll be adding more pictures, but please check that out.

 SHORT FICTION.  See the Short Story page under the Fiction menu tab for my stories as well as the Infinite Bard page which has lots of free fiction. My fantasy portal short story, The Two Trees Tavern, is free as well.  It is a the first story in my Stepping Through… fantasy portal collection. 

You can also always find all of my fiction, including my novel, short stories and the anthologies I am in, on my Amazon Author page. 

INSIDER’S BITS AND PLACES.  If you like to know some of the backstory of the places I write about and some of the adventures, I have a newsletter called Insider’s Bits and Pieces that I’ll send out a few times a year.  Please sign up below for my mailing list if you want to be the first to read those.