C.A. Rowland – Author

Stepping Through… A Collection of Five Fantasy Portal Short Stories

Book Cover: Stepping Through... A Collection of Five Fantasy Portal Short Stories

Portals appear up in all kinds of places and in all shapes and sizes, raising all kind of questions. Take a mystical tavern for instance, where life choices come into play - how do you get there? How do you learn how to use a portal if it is magical and you aren’t? If portals lead to standard destinations, what system governs them? Can you go through one intentionally? How do you escape one if you don’t know why you’re there? Five original fantasy stories explore these questions and more.

The Two Trees Tavern - A life changing choice offered to a visitor in the mystical tavern.

Conduct Unbecoming - A paranormal paralegal representing a ghost learns more about her powers.

Portal Central - The exploration of a portal system that asks who’s in charge anyway?

Within the Song Lines - A thrown boomerang begins a quest for knowledge from the ancestors.

A Walk on the Ivories - An out of tune piano in an old house leads to revisiting of old family wounds.