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Insider Bits and Places

Have you ever wondered what the inspiration for a story was?  Or whether they visited the locations?

Do you find your self wanting to know more when you finish a story you were really into? Or wish you could get a sneak peek at what happened or will happen before or after the story? Or what a secondary character was really like? Of if they will have their own story?

Do you enjoy seeing pictures from locations that sparked a story? Or what pet inspired the animals in the story (and some pictures too)?

Me too. And that’s what my newsletter will focus on.  

There’ll be news of my next releases, of course. And you’ll hear about that before anyone else. But mostly, I like the fun things that can’t be included in a story or book.  Those will be there too. 

And who doesn’t like discounts and sales? To make sure my newsletter readers know how special they are, there will be special bargains in my newsletter. 

Insider Bits and Places is a whole lot more interesting than a typical newsletter. I hope you’ll let me know ideas of what you’d like, too.

I won’t email more than a couple of times a year at most. And I hate spam as much as you do, so I won’t share, sell, or abuse your email address. Ever.

If this all sounds as good to you as it does to me, sign up below and I’ll be including things just like these in a newsletter. Hope to see you there!