“The Meter’s Always Running” coming soon – a humorous mystery set near Savannah, Georgia.



A Readable Feast “The History of A Fruitcake” -Winner of the Bethlehem Writers Roundtable 2015 Short Story Award.  Included in A Readable Feast:  Sweet, Funny and Strange Tales for Every Tastean anthology published by the Bethlehem Writers Group in November 2015.






Mystery and Crime:

Product Details“An Interview with a Rabbit” in King’s River Life e-magazine and the Riverside Writer’s 2013 Anthology Rappahannock Voices – a literary nonsense short story for adults about the Easter Bunny.

“The Crock of Gold” in King’s River Life e-magazine – a short mystery about a leprechaun who has to complete Continuing Leprauchan Education and find his pot of gold.

Product Details“An Inexpensive Piece” – EFD2:World Enough and Crime anthology  published by Carrick Publishing in November 2014 – a romantic crime story.

Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Horror:

“The Gift” – Semi-finalist in Bethlehem Writer’s Roundtable 2014 Short Story Contest.

Strangely Funny 2“Sadie’s Selkie” – Strangely Funny II 1/2 anthology  –  published in May 2015 – a quirky story of Sadie’s encounter with a summoned selkie.

Product Details“Masquerade” – That Hoodoo, Voodoo, That You Do anthology – published by Ragnarock Publications in February 2015- a modern day Jack the Ripper story.


Afterlife-EBook-Cover-683x1024 (534x800)“The Remembrance” – (After) life – Poems and Stories of the Dead anthology – published by Purple Passion Press in fall 2015  – a flash fiction story about a family photograph.




King of Ages

“The Challenge” – King of Ages  anthology – published in August 2015.    In the 17th century, the clans of the birdmen on Easter Island, choose their new chief for the coming year by a completion of trained challengers.  Childhood friends, Aterea (a reimagined Arthur) and Lanake, now must meet in a contest to bring the first egg laid by the sooty tern from the nearby islet.  Fierce tides and other dangers lie ahead for them and the others who have been chosen to compete for the honor of their clans.


Coming of Age:

“A Rite of Passage” – winner of the Riverside Writer’s Club Golden Nib award and second in the Virginia Writer’s Club Golden Nib contest. See to read for free.



We'd Rather Be Writing cover

We’d Rather Be Writing – Tips and recipes from 88 authors.






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