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Welcome to a  magical tavern, where storytellers from all across the world come to share a few of their tales. Feel free to sample the wares below.
Click on the title to read my  free fantasy portal short story, The Two Trees TavernThere’s more to be added so please come back to visit soon. 




Our storytellers and their stories:

Souvenir by Tony Jones ℘ Family Pride by Kris Katzen ℘ Real People Romance by Kari Kilgore ℘ Innocent Spirit by Lorraine J. Anderson ℘ The Treasure within by Chris A. Jackson ℘ Training Day by Ben H. Rome ℘ Reavers Day by Michael Kingswood ℘ Passed Over by Michael Kingswood ℘ Ninja Angel by Jess Barry ℘ Tinsel by Frazer Lee ℘ Hide and Seek by Kris Katzen ℘ Ice House by Debbie Mumford ℘ Purple Hills by Rigel Ailur ℘ Full Voice by Jason M. Hardy ℘ Murder and the Little Old Lady by Lorraine J. Anderson ℘ So Much to See by Frazer Lee ℘ The Princess and the Assassin by Tony Jones ℘ Sensing the Storm by Kari Kilgore ℘ Doppelgäner by Michael Kingswood ℘  The Raven by Barbara G. Tarn ℘ Moongarden by Sarah Stegall ℘ A Warm Tale for a Cold Night by Debbie Mumford ℘ All Kinds of Ghosts by Reid Allan ℘ Author of Murder by Jean Rabe ℘ Blind Spot by Donald J. Bingle ℘ Diamond of the Sky by Azure Avians ℘ First Command by Chris A. Jackson